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Talking About Intimacy with Jesus & the Abundant Life

So many times we want to know more, but feel like we should already know the answers. So... we continue to wonder and never truly find our way to intimacy with Jesus, nor to living the abundant life that Jesus came to offer.


Are you going through the motions and practicing religion? Or are you growing an intimate relationship with Jesus?


Are you Living Loved - sure of God's love for you? Are you loving others out of the abundance of God's love. It is challenging at times. We get it. So let's talk about it.


Have you experienced identity theft? Have you traded in your true identity for the lies that Satan has hissed in your ear? It's time to start walking around wearing the wrong labels. Let's talk about finding our identity in Christ.


Video Series

He is > I

Does our life reflect that we believe that His way is greater than Our Way? Or do we live as if our way is best? 


Are we living as if we believe that God's path is best? Or haven we chosen the path we desire to walk and now want Him to bless it?

Does our life reflect that we believe that His thoughts are greater than our Thoughts? We are pretty fond of our opinion. We can choose to elevate God's thoughts and the truth of His word above our thoughts, feelings and ideas. We cannot even fathom His wisdom.

Are we living as if we believe God's Faithfulness is greater than our fear? Let's talk about it. 

Are we living as if we believe He is GREATER than I? Let's talk about it.