About Pam


Pam Pegram is an author, blogger, speaker and a Bible study leader.  She loves to come together with others to study God's Word, gain understanding, and walk in obedience to it.  She is passionate about helping others recognize that their value, worth and the love the Creator has for them stays intact no matter what they have endured or what they have done. She wants everyone to know they can live loved!  Her greatest desire is to inspire others to fall in love with Jesus so that they might inspire others ... Her book, Saved by Grace, Now What?, focuses on discovering how to have an intimate relationship with your Savior.  

Pam is a senior leader with Premier Designs jewelry and has been a Style Coach since 1997. She believes we have more important things to focus on than what to wear. Her goal is to alleviate the stress of getting dressed so that you can get out the door feeling fabulous and giving your attention to things far more important. She coaches women across the country to help them build their own style driven business so they can achieve their goals - such as being a work from home mom, debt free and financially secure.

She is a mentor and coach for women in their personal life, business and their relationship with Christ.  She leads workshops and retreats and speaks to groups large and small.  

Pam is married to her boyfriend, Tom.  They live in North Mississippi and love spending time with their grown children, beautiful granddaughters, extended family and friends.