Adore Him

I moved toward my device to skip the song, but then suddenly I realized what I needed to do on this day and every day is to adore Him. 

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When she spoke those words, it was as if God was tapping me on the shoulder and saying, “Have you forgotten what I have done?...

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What Do I Need to Be a Great Mother?

No one ever told us how hard it would be to become a great mother. The challenges are much more challenging than we imagined. The chaos is louder, the time is shorter, and our patience wears out sooner...

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A Heart Full

My house is a complete mess, my To Do List is not being tended to, my hair needs washing, and I have a heart full. You see, two of my...

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He is GREATER than I

As we prepare to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, let’s prepare for the burial of our flesh and a renewal of our passionate love for Him. 

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His Faithfulness > My Fear

Did you know that the Bible says, “Fear not” 365 times? Isn’t that ironic? Actually, there is nothing ironic about it. God knew fear would be a struggle for us and He gave us a scripture for each day of the year. 

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