"Begin, be bold and venture to be wise."

"Begin . . . Be Bold . . . and Venture to be wise." - Horace.  That is quite a quote! Yesterday was a big day at my house.  It was my granddaughter, Macie’s, 6 year old birthday party.  My daughter, Macie’s mom, is very creative.  So…needless to say there were many preparations to be made to make the day incredible!  In the midst of getting all the details done Macie asks, “MeMe, do you have a really loud microphone?”  Now, if you have met Macie then you know her personality is larger than life.  She loves to sing and dance and can sing thousands of songs word for word.  So, I assumed she was thinking she could put on a show.  But, I answered “No, baby I don’t.  Why do you need a microphone?”  She was very straight forward but a bit casual and said, “Because I want to tell all my friends about Jesus.  I could stand on the porch and ask them, “Do you ever feel afraid? Are you scared of the dark? If you are, just come up and stand by me.”  I asked, “What will you do if they come and stand by you?” She said, “I will tell them its okay. I will tell them all about Jesus and how He can be in their heart.” Wow!  That makes me think “Would I ever even dare to share Jesus at MY birthday party?  Would I want to give my friends the FABULOUS gift of Christ or just be ready to open my presents? Were we bolder when we were young?  Why has that boldness left us?  What holds us back in our spiritual walk, in our relationships and at our job?  What are we afraid of?  Why do we let our lack of boldness rob us from the life we desperately desire?” Let’s take the quote above and apply it in our lives.

Begin.  Yes, begin. Today is a new day.  We can decide to do today what we have failed to do.  Begin to walk closely with our Lord; to be diligent in studying His word; seeking His guidance and stepping out in faith to share Him with others.  Begin today to restore relationships; to offer grace to others; to ask for forgiveness and to love unconditionally.  Begin today to work for your dreams: to set your goals; and to commit to achieve them. Just do it – today.

Be bold.  Don’t wait for opportunities.  Don’t set back and wait for someone to ask you about Jesus; or someone to come to you to restore your relationship; or business to fall into your lap. Be the one who creates opportunities – opportunities to share, to love and to create success in your life.  Being bold doesn’t mean to be aggressive.  Boldness means embracing who you are and whose you are and living a life that reflects that.

Venture to be wise...the most important part of the quote.  Seek wisdom. Wisdom is found in scripture.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs that we can grow in wisdom by studying God’s word and surrounding ourselves with Godly people. God instructs us to seek counsel from the wise. The Bible is a great life plan. It can guide us to be successful in all areas of our life.  There are many scriptures about being bold and having courage.  Matter of fact, you can find “Do not fear” or “Do not be afraid” 365 times in the Bible.  But today I want to leave you with this one and I want us to boldly proclaim it for ourselves. . .

“The wicked flee when no one pursues, But the righteous are bold as a lion.”   Proverbs 28:1

No more running in fear.  No more holding back.  No more allowing ourselves to miss an opportunity. Instead, today and every day, Be BOLD.