It is Time for the Leaves to Fall

It is Time for the Leaves to Fall
It is Time for the Leaves to Fall

It Is Time for the Leaves to Fall

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. The leaves are changing colors and beginning the process of turning yellow, orange and even a brilliant red. Here in the south the daytime temperatures have become pleasant and the nights are growing cooler. It is time for the leaves to fall. The process is just beginning. Some trees begin to let go of their leaves sooner than others. The leaves fall here and there. But, no doubt there will be days in the near future when our big mature trees will seem to be raining leaves.

As I looked out my window today, my mind fixated on the leaves. There are so many. Each variety is so different. God is truly amazing. His creation is mind boggling to me. Recently, I saw a fig tree for - I think - the very first time. I really do not recall ever seeing one before. I was amazed by the leaves. They were huge. As I stood looking at the fig leaves I could not help but think about Adam and Eve and their fig leaves.

Do you remember the story? Of course you do!  In the past year or so – I have come to understand elements of their story that so clearly relate to mine. I bet they relate to you as well. Let’s talk about it…

So we know that Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden and they had everything they needed. We envision the beauty of it – the lushness of it – and we wonder why in the world were they not content? However, here we are - Jesus is everything that we need. We have our salvation and all of His promises. We are loved with an everlasting love. We are never alone. We can trust Him to never leave us or forsake us. We know He has promised to meet all our needs, to strengthen us to do all He has purposed us to do, and to provide rest and peace when we are weary and troubled. Yet, still we are discontent.

So, back to this Eve that had everything she needed. She stood at the tree in the center of the garden and she listened to Satan’s whispers. She chose to listen to Satan’s lies – believing them over God's truth. Who can relate? Raise your hand! Raise both hands if you need to. We are so guilty of this. We buy into the world’s (Satan’s) lies that how we look, how much money we make, who we marry, where we live, our children’s accomplishments and our ability to produce the perfect life determines our identity. Lies! We are to find our identity in Christ. We are forgiven, redeemed and complete in Him. We are chosen, we are wanted and we are loved unconditionally with an everlasting love. We have worth and value because He paid a ransom for us. We are His best work – His masterpiece. We are His child, His Heir and He desires for us to love Him with all of our heart, all of our soul and all of our mind. So why are we listening to Satan’s whispers of lies when our truth is so sweet? Why would we go anywhere else when God’s promises are so incredibly awesome? Yet, we do.

Then Eve decided to convince Adam to join in on the sin. Adam was weak and missed the opportunity to be the head of His household and protect His family. He ate the fruit, too. They joined into their sin together. We do that, too – don’t we? We feel much better about our sin when others are eager to sin with us. And even if others are not right there with us, we love to make the excuse, “Well, everyone else…”. Do we really believe that God answers that with – “Oh, well if everyone else is – then it is okay for you to…” No. I don’t think so. We are weak and find it easier to go along with “the crowd” than to stand up and do what is right. Oh my! As I type – I am feeling convicted and determined to stop this foolish behavior. What about you? The scariest part is that the Bible teaches us that “the crowd” will NOT be entering Heaven through the narrow gate. The weak, the go alongs, the ‘I will get around to it later's – will walk right up to that gate and God will say, “I never knew you.” We cannot just want it – we have to die for it. We have to die to our selfish ways every day.  Then we have to live for it - choosing to walk in obedience to God’s word.

Well, we know what happened next. Adam and Eve were ashamed. They became aware that they were naked and they covered themselves with fig leaves. Yes, fig leaves. They covered themselves with leaves and hid from God. Again, does this sound like us? We are disobedient to God. We rationalize it and pretend that we are doing what is right. Then we hide. We decide we do not have time to get in the Word. We are distracted at church. We avoid deep conversations. We make a list of all the reasons we cannot share Jesus with others or pursue the purpose God has for us specifically. We would never want to offend anyone. We are not equipped and certainly not worthy. We have done some bad things. Bad things have happened to us. We are busy and someone else can do it.

Well, guess what my friend? It is time for the leaves to fall! It is time to stop hiding behind your fig leaves. God knows who we are. He knows our story. Our story is a part of our testimony and He is ready to use us for His glory. God is not concerned about our past – He is concerned about our future. He knows who we have been – but, no worries. He is in the transformation business and is ready to do a great work in us. Are you ready? It is not about you – so it really does not matter if you are ready or not. Today is a great day to stand naked and unashamed before God. Own your truth and surrender to do His will – whatever that may be. All you need to do is just bow your head, raise your hands in surrender and simply pray a one word prayer – “YES!” Say yes to God. Say yes to live your life for Him. Say Yes to be who He is calling you to be. Say Yes to do what He wants you to do.

Just like the leaves rain down in the fall, God will rain down His grace, His love and His peace on you.

Oh, I am excited to hear from you. Share with me what happens when you decide it is time for the leaves to fall. What will you do? Share it with me. I love hearing from you! I will start the conversation…

I am going to let the leaves fall by choosing to stop hiding behind my fear – my fear of rejection, my fear of what others will think of me if I do what God is calling me to do, and my fear of failure.   I am going to trust God more. I am going to rest in his promises and in His truth. I am going to let the leaves fall and stand unashamed before God and live my life as if I believe that I am forgiven, loved, accepted and complete in Him.