I Messed Up

I Messed Up
I Messed Up

I Messed Up!

Ever been there? You say something, do something and immediately you know, “I messed up!” We wish we would have handled that differently. We wish we would have said something different…something better. We mess up in our relationships. We mess us in our parenting. We mess up in our Christian walk. We are constantly second guessing ourselves and beating ourselves up. We have all had “I messed up” moments. They are not fun, but they are a part of our reality.

I have good news. God is good. Dr. Charles Lowery says, “God can take our mess ups and turn them into miracles.” I believe that, don’t you? Satan wants to replay our mess-ups in our mind over and over and over again. He wants us to be filled with regret, defeat and despair. But guess what friends, Jesus said that He came so that we can have life and have it more abundantly. Regret, defeat and despair are not a part of the abundant life. We can be free from those things. We just simply need to bow and tell God, "I messed up." We can lay those mess ups at the foot of the cross and ask God to forgive us. If we need to ask an individual to forgive us – we should do it. We can accept God’s forgiveness, forgive ourselves, leave those "I messed up" moments at the cross and allow God to use them for good in our lives.

Romans 8:28 tells us “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

So…do you think that means only the good things we do work together for good? No. When you have a second, open your Bible and circle that word "all".

"In a thousand trials, it is not just five hundred of them that work for the good of the believer, but nine hundred and ninety-nine, plus one.  George Mueller

God will use even our mess ups to teach us, stretch us and grow us into who He is calling us to be. In the book, The Carpenter, Jon Gordon says, “Without struggle there’s no reward. Without obstacles there’s no growth. Without setbacks there’s no triumph. Without failure and defeat along the way there’s no ultimate victory and feeling of accomplishment.”

So, today we can give God our mess ups and trust that He will take them and create miracles in our lives. Surrender your “I messed up” moments to Him today and live the abundant life.

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