From Plans to Purpose, It's a Process

From Plans to Purpose, It's a Process
From Plans to Purpose, It's a Process

From Plans to Purpose, It’s a Process

Oh, I find myself making big plans. I want to do this and I want to do that. There is so much to be done. I start dreaming and thinking and formulating my 5-year plan. But then I stop and realize… that is my plan, those are my thoughts, this is my way.  I have to transition from plans to purpose, it’s a process. You see, it is not my plans that are important. It is God’s purpose that matters and that will prevail.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

Do you find yourself doing this? Do you ever stop and realize that you have elevated your way, your desires and your plans to a level that leaves little time for God’s plan? If you just answered that with a resounding “no” – please stop and ponder on this one. Most of us could not answer that with a no. We are taught to go for our dreams. We are told that we have to look out for #1. We are conditioned to see everything from our perspective. We react when our expectations are not met, our feelings are hurt and our goals are not being attained.

So what are we to do? Well, first we need to step off our path and onto the path that God has paved for us. We need to be certain that our plans align with His plans. Why are we here? Have we forgotten that we are not a mistake or a mishap? We were formed in our mother’s womb by our creator and He instilled worth and value and purpose within us. He knew then what our purpose would be today. He has plans for us. He has a purpose for us to fulfill. So, are we fulfilling our purpose? Okay, I know it is getting a little heavy here – but, we have got to wake up and stop living our life as if it is all about “me”.

We place value on so many things that really do not have any value at all. Let’s search our hearts and ask God to show us what that might be. Hopefully, we have all accepted Jesus as our Savior and will enter the gates of Heaven. As we stand there and God asks us “Why should I let you in?”, will the things we worry about today matter? Will the things we stress over be a concern? Will all that we have accomplished impress Him? What will we say? We cannot earn our way into Heaven – it is only because of His truly AMAZING grace that we will be there. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could say we have fulfilled the purpose we were created to fulfill?

Are you thinking? Are you pondering your purpose? Are you realizing from plans to purpose, it’s a process? Let’s cut to the chase. Bottom line – here is what matters… if today were our last day…

  1. Have we done what God placed us on earth to do?
  2. Will those we could have shared with be in Heaven with us?

That stings! But we need to feel a little discomfort to encourage us to change, to stretch, and to grow. Let’s commit to fulfilling our purpose. It begins with total surrender to God. To grab ahold of something we have to let go of what we are holding onto. Let’s pray about what we are clinging to. Let’s ask God to reveal it to us. If it is anything other than Him – we need to let it go. When we surrender our way, our plans, and our path to Him – He will set us on the path to His way, His plans and His purpose for our life. He has already given us everything we need. He is just waiting on us to surrender. I surrender. How about you?

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