Peace in the Midst of Pressure

Peace in the Midst of Pressure
Peace in the Midst of Pressure

Peace in the Midst of Pressure

Do you feel like you are under pressure? Do you feel like screaming, “I am overwhelmed!” Life brings about pressure, doesn’t it? We have the pressure to perform - to get it all done; to be who others expect us to be and to do it all with a smile on our face. Sometimes the pressure can feel like it is too much! And if we are not careful the pressure will cause an EXPLOSION. Can you relate? Pressure makes us snap at those we love! Pressure makes us react in anger instead of responding in love. Pressure steals our joy and overwhelms us with anxiety and fear. But, as Christ-followers, we are promised peace in the midst of pressure. So today, in this very busy and overwhelming month of school dismissing, graduation parties and ceremonies, relationship issues, the first summer holiday, work commitments, family struggles, and the long list of yard work to be done – we can have peace.

Words like harmony, tranquility and security are used to describe peace. What sweet words. So many yearn for peace, however it is a battle to obtain it and keep it. Jesus came so we could have peace, yet Satan is constantly whispering in our ear, doing all he can to steal it. We are to have peace with man, peace with God and inner peace. So what are the antidotes to cure this feeling of pressure?

His Antidotes…

Presence! There is nothing better than spending time with Jesus. The more time we spend with Him – the closer we grow in our relationship with Him – and the more tranquility we experience. lists 13 signs we are not hearing from God. They are Belligerence, Anger, A hard-heart, Blaming others, Strife and Conflict, Hatred, Unforgiveness, Refusing to Listen, Disunity, Lack of Love, Resentment, Bitterness, and Refusing to repent. Let’s all pause a minute and look within to see if any of these reside in our heart. They don’t belong there and they create a lot of pressure in our life. Today is a great day to lay these down at the foot of the cross. God has called us to love like He loves. We can defeat the enemy and alleviate a lot of pressure when we choose to love others, forgive freely and humble ourselves. To read more about this – check out Psalm 37:8; James 1:19-20; Galatians 5:19-25.

Prayer! We are instructed to pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17) Obviously we cannot function if our head is bowed and our eyes are closed all day long, so what does this mean? Paul is suggesting that we become consistent and persistent in prayer. For me, it means understanding that we are not alone. Jesus is here with us. He is our friend and walks beside us at all times. If my best friend were with me all day – we would have conversation – lots and lots of conversation. Jesus is our ultimate best friend, so we are to acknowledge that He is with us and talk with Him. When we truly understand that He is here, right here with us, our anxiety will subside and peace will fill us.

Praise! We are commanded to praise the Lord. (Psalm 150:6) We are to praise Him and exalt Him for who He is and all that He has done. When we do, we realize that our life is all about Him and no longer about me at all. We are not created so that we can be happy or have our way. We are created to fulfill the purpose God has for our life and most likely that will mean enduring some difficulties. But it is only in the hard times that we will experience growth and intimacy and transformation.  May His praise be forever on our lips. When it is - there is a peace that passes all understanding. We come to truly understand how big He is and how small our problems are. We are His and He is ours. Never let anything make you forget that.

Promises! God’s word is filled with His promises. So many times we read them and we believe them – but we don’t comprehend that they are for us! He has promised that if we search for Him, we will find Him. When we call on Him, He will hear us. He promises us His protection. He promises that His love will never fail. He promises us forgiveness and blessings. God has promised us salvation. He has accepted us – we only need to accept Him. When we do, we are promised that all things will work for good in our life. We are promised peace, comfort, completion, rest, abundant life, His power, and eternal life. We are also promised that we are enough, His masterpiece, His child. These are our gifts. They have already been given to us. We only need to accept them, open them and embrace them. When we do – peace is ours! Yes! There will be peace in the midst of pressure.

"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."

John 16:33

Oh my! We have so much to be happy and excited about. We should be filled with JOY!!!! Let’s all commit to stop letting Satan rob us of joy and steal our peace. Let’s rest in Him! Let’s find peace in His presence – in our prayer life – in our praise to Him  - and in His promises.

Peace to you, my friend!

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