The Christmas Story

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here and it is time to celebrate! Whether your house is full of family or not, regardless of the amount of gifts under your tree, and no matter what you have experienced this year - we all have reason to celebrate! We have received the greatest gift ever! 

I recently asked one of my grands if she wanted to share the Christmas Story. She replied, "Sure!" and without any other prompting, here is what she shared. (Be sure to watch until the very end.) THIS, my friend, is why we celebrate, why we have joy no matter our circumstances...

Let the Celebration begin! Glory to God! Jesus is Real! 

You are loved with a love so great that God gave His only Son. You are loved with a love so great that Jesus left His place in heaven to become our Sacrificial Lamb. He died on the cross so we could be set free. He paid our ransom. Why? Because He loves us so! On the third day He arose and is alive. Yes, Jesus is real and He lives within us who believe. And when we bow before Him and repent of our sins and invite Him into our heart to be the Lord of our Life, we are gifted the precious gift of salvation. That means eternity in heaven with this King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Happy Birthday, Jesus! We celebrate You because from the cradle to the cross You proved your love for us! We celebrate and share you to prove our love for You! You are everything we need! You are everything we have ever wanted - the best gift ever! Let the celebration begin!

Merry Christmas!!!

With much love,


(If you want to know more about the plan of salvation, go here and click on Plan of Salvation.)