Everything I Ever Wanted

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Everything I Ever Wanted      


There is this gift, this one gift, that is everything I ever wanted, everything I need. One gift – just this one gift – fulfills my needs, completes my heart and satisfies my soul. We have everything we need, yet we foolishly question if it is enough and we search for more. There is no more. There is nothing better, nothing more important, nothing more fulfilling, nothing more satisfying. This gift, this precious gift, is ours. To receive this gift, we must first set down what we are clinging to, reach out our empty hands and accept it.


Even though we recognize that we do not deserve this gift, it has graciously been offered to us. No matter how many times we check the nametag, we will find our names there. It was given to us, for us. This gift was not given because of what we have done. It was given in spite of what we have done and in place of what we deserve. It is a gift of love – complete and everlasting love.


This is not a gift we should merely sit on a shelf and admire, it is ours to open. It is a gift we are to experience, to adore, to behold… We can read and study about this gift. We have been given a detailed manual that includes all we need to know. This gift, this one gift, offers us everything. It will change our life, expand our heart, and set us free. Yes, this one gift. Everything our hearts have longed for can be found in this one gift.


Merry Christmas! Unwrap your gift.


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16


A Note from Pam:

Merry Christmas! My wish for you this Christmas is that you might come to know Jesus in a way you never have before. That your relationship with Him would grow to a level of intimacy you never knew existed. Love to you and yours!

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