His Way > My Way

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His Way > My Way


For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than our ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:9


If asked the question, “Do you think you are higher than God?” We would firmly answer, “Absolutely NOT!” We would profess that we know that God is the highest supreme being and that His way is always best. Yet, if we could not speak and someone just read the pages of our life what would they read? Would they read that we believe God is greater? Would they read that we believe His way is best, therefore we are submitted to it? Or would they read that we believe our way is best, that we know what is best for us and are focused on getting our way?


If we are honest with ourselves, we will see that we are self-centered and elevate ‘our way’ very easily. To live a life that reflects that we believe His way is best is not easy, it is not popular and it is not natural. We cannot do it on our own, but then if we love Jesus and have accepted Him as our Savior, we are not on our own, are we?


Let’s look at ways we can change our perspective and live our belief that His Way > My Way.


1.     We can stop striving and start surrendering. We can stop trying to get our way and give ourselves to God completely so we can live our life His way. Scriptures tell us our life, our way, is to be crucified with Christ and if He is alive in us, then we should be living our life surrendered the way Jesus did. (Galatians 2:20)

2.     We must stop conforming and allow God to do some transforming. We are conformers. Our way is to fit in, to be liked and to be a part. We compare ourselves to others and try to measure up. That’s not God’s way. He says each one of us is His unique creation, His masterpiece. He has a specific plan and purpose for us. We are to be set apart for His glory. (Romans 12:2)

3.     We should stop being offended and start forgiving others. Our way is to place expectations on people, to judge others and to criticize. God’s way is to love unconditionally and to freely forgive. His way is to forgive and love those who do not love us. He way means offering grace. (Matthew 5:43-44)

4.     We should stop submitting to the busyness of life and create margin. Margin is blank space. Our way wants to fill every second and check lots of items off the To Do list. God’s way is for us to make time for Him, to be still and know, to rest in Him. When was the last time you took a leisurely walk and just thanked Him for all He has done for you? Having some margin allows the static to quieten, the clutter in our mind to subside and opens up space to hear from God. Jesus withdrew and spent time with God, we should, too. (Read the Gospels)

5.     Our way is to practice religion, do what we think is expected of us, check it off our list and hope we are earning our way into pleasing Him. His way is to have a relationship. He asks us to love Him with all our heart, soul and mind. When we do that we will spend time with Him, serve Him and surrender more and more to Him.


His Way > Our Way. His way is for us to surrender to Him and allow a transformation to take place in our life. His way is for us to love unconditionally and forgive freely. His way is for us to slow down, keep our priorities in order and spend time with Him. He way is for us to grow to know Him more.


His Way > Our Way. Let’s live our life like we believe that.

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