He is the Reason We Breathe

He is the Reason We Breathe


Recently, I attended a women’s conference with friends. Just as the event was getting started, the host called up the pastor’s wife and asked her to open the evening in prayer. As she was speaking she said a simple statement that has been simmering in my soul ever since. She said, “He is the reason we breathe.”


We know that, don’t we? We sing about it. We talk about it. We proclaim it. And then… we simply forget it. We get so caught up in the chaos of our life, we begin to live as if our life is all about getting things done. We have plans and expectations of what our life is supposed to look like, but our reality falls short. We live as if we have something to prove, something to earn. We just need that ‘one thing’ for our life to be good. If we could just get our way for once, everything would fall in place. We put our faith and our trust in the people around us. Eventually we experience hurt and we hang onto it like it is a treasured friend. Have we forgotten, He is the reason we breathe?


Can we just stop today and remember that life is not about me – my wants, my needs, my fears. Life is all about Him – Jesus. He is everything I ever wanted and everything I need. He is the reason I breathe.

He is the way, the truth, and the life…
John 14:6


This life is short. We are only here for a brief time. What we do with this time is important. It matters. It will matter long after we are gone. We are to live this life His way. We are to choose to walk in His truth. We are to make Jesus what our life is all about. In all of our chaos, disappointment, longing and hurt – may we remember, He is the reason we breathe


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