Happy New Year!

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Can you believe it is 2018? 2017 is over and now here we sit with a brand new year in front of us. What are we going to do with it? Your friends are making new year's resolutions, your spouse is goal setting and you are trying to think of a good word to be your 'One Word' for this year. If you have read very many of my blog posts you may have heard this quote before. It is one of my faves:

When God is exalted to His proper place in our lives a thousand problems are solved all at once.
— AW Tozer

That is TRUTH! The answer we so desperately seek is Jesus. So many of our issues are because we still have not put Him first and foremost in our lives. It is one thing to want to do it, to try to do it or to merely talk about it. It is all together different to actually surrender our lives and put Him above our own thoughts, opinions, desires, and feelings. Let's make this year, the year we truly exalt Jesus to His proper place - first!

Will it be easy? No, it is sure to be a challenge. Jesus told us in John 10:10 that while He came to offer us the abundant life, that we have an adversary who is out to kill, steal and destroy us. The sad news is all he has to do is distract us from focusing on Jesus first. He whispers and hisses lies and turns our gaze toward our insecurities, our problems, our past and our fears. But, Jesus is bigger than our insecurities, our problems, our past and our fears. He is everything we have ever wanted and everything we need. 

Will you join me and let's encourage one another on our journey to intimacy with Jesus? He is our King of Kings, our Lord or Lords, our Soul Mate and our True Best Friend. Let's spend 2018 getting to know Him more than we have ever before! 

Happy New Year! Much love to you all!!!!

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