It is Time to Stop What You are Doing

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It is Time to Stop What You are Doing


We can justify it, explain it, and make excuses for it. We can find someone to affirm our decisions and make us feel good about what we are doing. We can give power to our thoughts, our feelings and our opinions, believing we know best. But… God knows the condition of our heart. We can fool many, but we will never fool Him. If our motives are not pure, if our eyes are not fixed on Jesus, and if we are not being prompted by the Holy Spirit – then it is time to stop doing what you are doing.


When we choose Jesus as our Savior and commit to live our life for Him, then we are to put away our old ways – our sinful ways. Our old ways are driven by flesh and not by faith in Jesus. That does not mean that we will not sin; but it does mean when we do, we realize – it is time to stop doing what you are doing


Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Philippians 2:3


Sometimes, we can even fool ourselves into believing we are doing what God would have us to do. Yet, we are desperate to prove something, to achieve something, or to fill that emptiness in our soul. We are asking God to bless our plan, to bless our actions, and to bless our future. God sees our motives; He knows our heart. So how are we to apply Paul’s words?


First, we see that pride should never be a Christian’s motivation; remember, it’s not about us. (Have you read, “It’s Not All About Me”?) Our love for Jesus should compel us to walk in obedience to Him, asking Him to lead, guide and direct us. He will never lead us to forsake others for our selfish gain, to seek glory for our selfish need, or to create confusion for those who are watching us. Instead, everything should be done in the power of the Holy Spirit – giving God who is alive in us all the glory. The world tells us it is all about us, but Jesus says it is all about Him. Which do you believe? 


Next, we are to have a deep sense of humility. The world sees the humble as weak, but we know better. We humble ourselves before the Lord, we ask the Holy Spirit to reveal in us anything that is not pure, and we are grieved by what grieves Him. Our sin grieves the heart of God. Our love for Him should propel us to take off our blinders and see our sin as serious. This is not a dress rehearsal, y’all. This is real life and every thought and every action matters. My study Bible says that this evaluation of ourselves should always lead to the glorification of Christ – for without Him, we can do nothing.


And lastly, this evaluation should lead us to take our eyes off our personal gain and instead value others. Jesus gave His life so that others could have reconciliation with God. Well, is He not asking us to do the same? Are we wanting people to follow us or are we pointing them to follow Jesus? People are more valuable than our possessions; they are more valuable than our personal plans. And we know – even though we forget from time to time – that at the end of our life God will not ask us how we did getting our way, our wishes and our selfish desires. He will care about the condition of our heart – is it filled with “me” or with “Him” – and who came to know Him through the way we lived our life. 


It is time to stop doing what you are doing. Today is a good day to lay your selfishness at the foot of the cross and repent. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal everything that needs to be addressed. Sit with your Savior and ask Him to help you leave that behind and to become more like Him. Then rise up and seek to live your life in a way that brings honor and glory to the Lord. 

p.s. Praying for you… As you read this post, the Holy Spirit may reveal some things to you that you need to stop. It is painful, (believe me, I know!) but repentance leads us to restoration. Beauty for ashes - right? God’s way is always best. Let’s raise our hands in surrender and let Him have His way in us. When we give Him all of ourselves - we get all of Him! There is nothing better than that. Love you!  


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