We are Loved But We Want More

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We Are Loved, But We Want More


It is February – the month of love. Does that make you smile and feel all warm and tingly inside or does it make you want to vomit? LOL! There have been seasons of my life when I could relate with both extremes. When we look at love from the world’s perspective, from the way it is presented in the movies, from the social media accounts we follow, we believe that we deserve more. We question our relationships and feel sad that we are not loved like that.


Do you remember Eve’s story? She was in the garden of Eden, walking and talking with God in the cool of the day. She had everything – everything she needed – yet, she heard the hiss of Satan and foolishly decided she deserved more. She believed she deserved to eat from the tree of good and evil and so she did. We all know how that played out. We shake our heads and think she was so foolish – but, we do the same thing.


You see, we are loved with the greatest love there is. God has proven that we are completely and unconditionally loved. He proved His love when He sent His Son to die so that we could have eternal life. (John 3:16) He has proven His love for us by offering us His presence, His provision and His promises. Yet, we think we deserve more. We deserve roses and candy and a surprise date night. We want to be wined and dined and treated as if we are a princess. We want our mate to be our Jesus and we place expectations on him he could never meet. Then we sigh and say, “See. He doesn’t really love me. Maybe if I was skinnier, more beautiful, or accomplished more – then I would be truly loved.” We do the same things with our friends, expecting their support, approval and praise. Only to be disappointed and left to feel misunderstood. Oh, we know God loves us, but we want more.


Let’s all take our right hand and smack ourselves on the top of our head. Wake up! We already have it all! The Creator of the Universe loves us with an everlasting, unconditional, steadfast love. He has made a way for us to experience His love in an intimate way. He has given us a soulmate and His name is Jesus. Jesus is everything we have ever wanted and everything we will ever need. When we fall madly in love with Him, we will see everything in our life change.


When we are feeling lonely, left out or longing for more – Jesus is our answer. We need more of Him. He is our Savior, our King, our One great love! Don’t believe the lies of Satan. There is nothing better than having an intimate relationship with Jesus. Our reality is that when we are struggling to feel loved, we are not seeking His presence, trusting in His provision or resting on His promises. We are longing for more, but there is no more – nothing more true, nothing more real, nothing more lasting.


You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11


My prayer for you today is that you will rest in the fact that you are loved. I pray you feel it, you believe it and you let it complete you. You have everything you need and because of that, we can stop being offended by people and start being obedient to God. “It is our love for Him that will lead us to walk in obedience to Him, and it is our obedience to Him that allows us to fellowship with Him.” (Saved by Grace, Now What?)


We think we have a right to be loved, but as Christians what we have is a responsibility to love others well. Instead of being self-centered and focused on what we are receiving – let’s turn our eyeballs outward and focus on what we are giving. Are we loving the Lord our God? Are we loving others? Jesus said,


“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:37-39


We can love, because we are loved. We can give, because we have received. So, today know that God loves you and so do I! I love you, friend! Now, go love others well.


Thank you for traveling this journey with me. See you same time, same place, next week. ;-)

A Message from Pam:

During the month of February, we are talking about "Love" and whether it is a right or a responsibility. I pray these blog posts, graphics, t-shirts and tools encourage you to embrace the love of your heavenly Father and feel inspired to love others well. I hope you are compelled to get into God's Word and discover all the things He says about how He loves you and how you are to love. I am praying that you will feel loved and take a step closer to intimacy with Jesus. 

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