Master, What Matters

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Master, What Matters?


There is so much going on… so much to worry about… so much to do… so much that disappoints… so much that hurts… so much to be discouraged about… We smile a pretty smile and say we are fine, but honestly, we are struggling. We are consumed. We are overwhelmed.


The world says my outward beauty, the success of my career, and my ability to create the perfect life matters. The world teaches us that happiness is what life is all about. We are taught that we each have a soul mate – one who completes us and makes our life a fairytale. Then there are the unwritten rules about gaining social media friends, hosting the most creative parties, decorating the most beautiful home, having the most accomplished children, and having the energy to do it all.  


We worry and fret over things that – seriously y’all – do not matter.


What can I say to convince you? Being the best and the brightest is not what our life is to be all about. It is not about what we achieve and how we appear to be. Our life is not to be about ‘me’. If we pause long enough to be honest with ourselves, then we can rationalize that God did not create us so that we could be the most beautiful woman married to a Greek god of a man living the most perfect life with the brightest and most talented children living in the most gorgeous home and flaunting our perfect bodies as we eat the best of foods and laugh out loud at the most random things while accomplishing feats others only dream about and having the masses hang on our every word and follow us on social media to simply see what we will do next.


Did that get your attention? When we read that long and ill constructed sentence, it all sounds so ridiculous. Yet, if we are honest, we must admit that those worldly expectations influence us and matter to us. We have got to stop wasting our time on things that do not matter, and instead focus on what matters most.


Focusing on that which does not matter and has no lasting value results in wasted time and disillusionment. At the end of our life, it will mean nothing.


Focusing on what does matter yields true satisfaction and fulfillment and has eternal value. At the end of our life, it is the only thing that will matter.


So, what does matter? What matters most? Let’s don’t risk it and make a list based on our opinions, thoughts or feelings. Let’s go directly to the source and ask our Savior, “Master What Matters? Master, what matters to You? Master, what should matter to me?”


Lord, help us stop wasting our energy on things that simply do not matter. Teach us what matters most to You and make those things become the focus of our lives.


Over the next two weeks, let’s prayerfully ask our Master, what matters. Let’s meet back here in two weeks and start our list

A Word From Pam:

What matters most to you? Can we stop focusing on and worrying about all the things that don't matter and instead start focusing on what truly matters most? Let's exalt God to His proper place and put Him and our personal relationship with Jesus first and foremost in our life. We can do it with the help of the Holy Spirit that God so graciously gifted to us. Who is in? 

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