Do You Know What God Has for You

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Do You Know What God Has for You?


We ask that question a lot… What is in this for me? We see everything from our perspective and we are often blinded to what is already ours. We make it very difficult when the reality is - it is very simple. Do you know what God has for you? Here we are just days past Easter and we are already distracted. I mean, we are thankful for our salvation and for what Jesus has done, but do we understand and comprehend what He has for us?


Do you know the answer? Do you know what He has for you? Everything! He has everything for you. But you are striving and looking and searching for more. How foolish we are! We already have everything. When we invite Jesus into our heart, when we surrender our life to Him – He gives us everything – all the things – every. single. thing.


Stay with me. Some of us are struggling through loss, some are experiencing financial difficulty, some of us cannot seem to attain our dream. So, how can I say that God has given us everything? Well, it is because our perspective is all out of whack. The world has influenced the way we see things. Satan continues to knock our perception off center and we missed the shift. We don’t even realize things are ajar. We have got to re-center our life and when we do our perspective becomes clear and simple. 


“Jesus said to Him, ‘Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip?’” John 14:9


Here is a great example of what we do. Philip is standing and speaking with Jesus, yet Philip says, “show us the Father”. He is still looking for God. Jesus is so patient and again explains to poor Philip that He is in God and God is in Him. He also reminds Philip of all the works he has seen Jesus do and again says, “Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me.” Are we like Philip? Is God with us and we are missing it, missing out on Him? Has He given us things that we have forgotten we have? Are we searching for what is already ours?

How do we re-center our life and shift our perspective? We place Jesus at the center of it all! When we do that our confusion clears and we can see the difference in what we want and what we need. We begin to trust that He knows best and we are content with what He provides. We learn that worldly things are fleeting and our focus should be on what is eternal. We trust and we believe, even when we do not understand.


Do you know what He has for you? He has everything for you! He has what you are longing for – not by worldly standards - but He has what is best for you. He has everything you need. Right now, today, you can experience His presence; you can be assured of His provision and you can partake of all of His promises. 


Next week, let’s talk in detail about those 3 things – His presence, His provision, His promises. In the meantime, sit with Him this week and experience His presence – if you know Jesus, then He is with you! Stop fretting and believe that He will supply all your needs according to His riches and start reading and claiming His promises. He is yours, His promises are yours, you have EVERYTHING!

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We need each other. Let’s encourage one another as we learn to take steps closer to our Savior!

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