What Does God Want from Me?

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What Does God Want from Me?


Do you ever find yourself asking the question, “What does God want from me?” Do you ponder it, google it and look up scriptures about it? Do you drive down the road or stand in the shower and audibly ask, “Seriously God, what do You want from me?”


We act as if we don’t know, as if we just cannot understand. But we do know – don’t we? It is not as hard as we make it out to be. Maybe the truth is if we acknowledge that we do know what He wants, then we will be held accountable for not giving it to Him. Is that it? 


Do we fear that He is asking too much of us? Surely, we do not think that He is asking us to give up more than He has to give to us. We have heard over and over again that we cannot out give God. 


What is it? What causes us to look up to the heavens and inquire, What do You want from me? What stops us from giving in and giving Him all that He has asked? Why is it that we hold back and are not completely honest with ourselves – as if we can keep anything from Him?


If you have read my last 2 months of blogs – you have probably already guessed the answer. We have talked about who God is and we have come to the realization that He is everything. He is everything we have ever wanted and everything we will ever need. We talked about what He has for us and discovered that He has given us everything. He has given us His presence, His provision and His promises. And now, here we are pondering, what do You want from me, and it is a simple one-word answer… EVERYTHING!


It makes sense, doesn’t it. He has given us everything and now He is asking the same in return. He was crucified for our transgressions and now He is asking us to die to our flesh for Him. He rose again and is alive and is preparing a place for us and He asks us to live for Him. Every good and perfect gift is from above and He asks us to use our gifts for Him. He loves us and wants an intimate relationship with us and now He asks that we love Him like that. 


He wants everything. Are you ready to give Him everything? Are you still struggling with it? Maybe feeling unworthy, scared, unsure? So was Paul. Paul’s past was wretched; we don’t have anything on him. Yet, God chose to use Paul in ways He never dared to imagine. He wanted everything from Paul, just like He wants everything from us. And still, Paul teaches us in Philippians that his greatest achievement – that life’s greatest achievement for us all - is to know Christ. To know Christ intimately is EVERYTHING and requires that we surrender everything to Him.


that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection 

Philippians 3:10


Let’s keep talking about it. How do we give God what He wants? Meet me back here – same time, same place next week and we will continue the conversation. 

(Btw… I love hearing from you – comment below if you feel so led.)

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