What's the Condition of Your Heart

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What’s the Condition of Your Heart?

We want to be a picture of great health, strong and mighty, living a long life filled with purpose and making a difference in the lives of others. And when our time comes to leave this place, we want our eulogy to be about our heart for God, the difference we made in the lives of others and the impact we left on the next generation. Oh yes, that is our desire, our heart’s desire – but sister, it ain’t gonna happen that way if we are gossiping, eating ice cream every night, spending countless hours scrolling social media, binge watching the housewives of everywhere, while our coffee cup sits perched on top of our Bible.

Just like it takes effort and intentionality to get fit – it takes effort and intentionality to surrender our whole heart to God. Can you spend some time and really determine what’s the condition of your heart? If it were a pie chart, what percentage is filled with Jesus? What is there, tucked away in the corners of your heart that you are clinging to and letting come between you and your King? Are you filled with anything – anger, bitterness, ambition, resentment, loss, envy, heartbreak, control, arrogance, selfishness – other than Him?

If you answered no – go look again. None of us are pure in heart, yet – but, we will be one glorious day. Hallelujah!!! We have got to learn how to be honest with ourselves during times of introspection. It is imperative that we do this or there can be no growth – no sanctification. When we live in denial about our sin, when we continually blame others and justify our bad behavior – our heart condition is serious. 

Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness;
give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. 

Psalm 86:11


How can we change the condition of our heart? To change the condition of our heart physically – we need to get to work! We need to eat right and exercise regularly. We need to get moving! We tend to think in the same terms when it comes to the spiritual condition of our heart. We think we need to do this and do that – to earn it, but that is simply not true. Jesus has already done what needed to be done. The condition of our heart will change when we stop striving and start surrendering. 

How do we surrender our whole heart to Jesus? 

·      We let go and let God have everything – our hopes, dreams, marriage, children, career, thoughts, plans, ideas… everything. And… we trust Him with them. 

·      We get in the Word – reading and studying and getting to know Him more and more – which empowers us to release more to Him.

·      We develop intimacy with Jesus and make Him the King of our Heart – walking with Him and talking with Him and understanding that in the midst of everything crazy in our lives – He is enough.

What does God want from us? Everything. How can you let Him have everything, or at least start your journey of giving Him everything – today? It won’t be easy; Satan will do His best to make it hard. But… keep going. As we surrender, we will gain love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control – taking us closer and closer to the pure in heart condition we desire.


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