What is Your Relationship Status Revisit

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What is Your Relationship Status Revisit

Quick Question… Do you believe that your relationship status matters? Now that you have answered that - let me ask the question a different way. Do you believe your relationship status with Jesus matters? My guess is you answered, YES! It matters whether we have a relationship or not, for sure. But do you believe it matters if we just have one or do you believe it matters if it is a growing relationship? Sometimes we need to look at it from a different perspective. Do you just want to be married - or do you want an intimate relationship with your spouse where you two have become as one? Just being married is not enough. Is inviting Jesus into your heart a stopping point? No, there is more… so much more. Do you know that Jesus is calling you into more with Him - so that you can take steps closer to intimacy and oneness with Him?

This post (http://bit.ly/2OhftOE) was one of the most read on my blog. People click it because they are craving a different relationship status. But… the relationship status that matters far more than any other, the relationship status that will impact every other relationship in your life is the relationship you have with Jesus. How would you rate yours?




Best Friend ?

Your Everything?

Oh sweet friend, it matters. It matters a lot and it will impact everything in your life. Click the link above and read that post. Grab your Bible and start reading or revisit the book of John. Jesus is calling you into the abundant life that can only come by putting Him first and foremost in your life. And remember - Satan will do all he can to distract you, overwhelm you and discourage you. Just keeping going. Keep seeking Jesus first, stay in the Word and spend time with the living Word. Your relationship status will change.

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