Presents Under This Tree

 Presents Under This Tree


It’s December and we are crazy busy. There is Christmas shopping to be done, cookies to be baked, presents to be bought, decorations to be arranged, parties to attend and stress to be managed. How did we get here? How did we go from celebrating the birth of our Savior to making Christmas about presents we do not need, spoiling our children and wearing ourselves out completely? We wrap beautiful packages and admire the presents under the tree. But have we forgotten about the presents under this tree?

What tree you ask? THE tree. I am talking about the tree that became the cross where Jesus was crucified. Oh, we cannot forget that Jesus came to earth as a baby, born of a virgin. We celebrate His birth because without it there would be no cross. This baby born in the manger is The Messiah, the Savior of the World, the King of King, Lord of Lords. He came to glorify the Father and offer us a way to Him. That is what Christmas is all about – His coming, His life, His death, His resurrection, His friendship and His second coming. You see, when you know Jesus you will find presents under this tree, this tree that held Him as He died.

What presents?

His presence













All we need. All we could ever want. Jesus is alive and wants an intimate relationship with you. Stop the craziness and rest in Him today. Take a few minutes and listen (and watch) to my favorite song right now. I listen to it over and over and challenge you to do the same. Let’s listen everyday as we prepare for Christmas day. It's called, The King is Here and is sung by my sweet friend, Sarah Barker and the GCC Worship Team. Enjoy.

He is here. He is with you. This year, ask for the presents under this tree. Celebrate Jesus.

Merry Christmas!


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