Update for Master What Matters' Subscribers

Hi sweet friends! Thank you so  much for subscribing to Master What Matters. I cannot begin to put into words how much I appreciate you. Some have been reading my posts since the beginning. Bless you! Can you believe my first post was in June of 2013? It started with God whispering "More." I still use the word 'crazy' when I talk about God calling me to write. I have no idea why He has called me to this, but I desire to walk in obedience to Him. He has been faithful since the beginning to write through me. Many times I sit at my computer and declare, "I've got nothing, Lord. Please tell me or show me what we are talking about today." Now, 3.5 years have passed and I am about to have a book in print. It seems totally surreal and a bit intimidating.

This has been a journey and I realize people are curious as to why I write. Sometimes they ask, "So, when did you decide you wanted to be an author?" or "Have you always journaled?" or "You know how writers get up everyday and automatically start writing?" Well, I have to laugh because none of this was my idea and it certainly does not come naturally. The only explanation I can give is I believe with all of my heart God has called me to write. I have questioned Him and He has affirmed and confirmed this is where He is leading me. Another question I have been asked is "Does this mean you are getting out of Premier Designs?" If you do not know, I am a Senior Leader in a direct sales jewelry business. It has been my career for almost 20 years. The answer is no, I have no plans to resign from Premier and God has not prompted me to do so. I love my job and am thankful for it for so many reasons, including the abundance of friends it has brought into my life! One of the best benefits of being self-employed is that we can control our schedule and work it alongside all the other things we have going on in our life.

I am writing today to update you on some exciting things that are happening. My book, "Saved by Grace, Now What?" is scheduled to be in print early February, 2017. This book is all about having a close and intimate relationship with Jesus. You see, I believe far too many Christians have accepted Jesus as their Savior, but they have never come to know Him in a deep way. I was there. I believed I had a close relationship with Him until He got my attention and revealed to me that although I was saved, I was relationally lost and really didn't know how to live for Him. I am still learning and this book is just a way for us to all walk this journey together - whether a new Christian or someone who was saved years ago and ready to grow closer to your Savior.

The book will be for sell on Amazon. You can stay up to date on what is happening by visiting my Author Site - www.pampegram.com.  This site is evolving and you will see a lot of changes between now and the release of the book. We want to invite you to be a part of our Launch Team by partnering with us to spread the word about this book now and once published. You can sign up by clicking the tab "Launch Team". What could be more important than falling in love with Jesus and inspiring others to do the same?

Also, you will find that we have added a Master What Matters store. You may be wondering why. Well, because it takes a lot of people to get a book into print and into the hands of people. Tom and I have made a substantial investment into this project, but there is more to be done. So, the proceeds from the t-shirts you will find in this shop will go to offset the expenses we are incurring. Plus, these tees have some very special messages that are talked about throughout the book. More fun items will be added to the store in the future.

Some other ways to partner with us is by Liking "Pam Pegram" on Facebook. Once you like the page, be sure to invite your friends to do the same. Also follow me on Instagram and on Twitter. And whenever you see a post from me, please like it and/or share it. Publishers like to see a lot of engagement. (Who knew?)

Even beyond this book release, Master what Matters will continue to offer topics of discussion, encouragement and tools to help us focus on the things that truly matter and let go of all the things that don't, so we can live the abundant life that Jesus came to offer us. We have a mission to fulfill and that is to thwart the devil's plan to distract us from putting Jesus first in our life. Jesus matters! Our relationship with Him matters. Our relationship with others matter. Living a life that glorifies Him, the life He has called us to live, and walking in obedience to Him matters!

Last - but certainly not least - will you commit to pray for me? Walking in obedience to God is not easy and it annoys Satan. No doubt, he is shooting some fiery darts my way. Your prayers matter and truly mean the world to me.

Thanks, friends! You all are the best! Thank you for being a faithful reader. I hope God uses my words to inspire you in your walk with Him. And I pray God uses YOU in the lives of others to point them to Him as well.

Much love to you! Pam